Thanks, Obama.

Because Obama’s betrayal of working class families was incomplete he urges Congress to pass the bill. A bill all but written by the banking establishment. Senator Warren, one of the only Dems to have the spine to start a fire alerting the American public to this disgusting, concerted effort on part of the banking elite (the sinecure class’s “upper crust”) to dictate federal policy regarding the oversight and accountability of their industry.

Now you might be a libertarian or an anarcho-capitalist – but that doesn’t mean we have to disagree. THIS IS CRONY CAPITALISM AT IT’S WORST. It’s bad for Capitalism. It’s bad for America. It’s bad for the American people. It’s bad for the small business owner. It’s bad for the honest billionaire. It’s bad for the middle class American. It’s bad for the working class American. It’s bad for the disenfranchised struggling poor American. It’s bad for LITERALLY everyone except an elite, small, minority CABAL with it’s claws so deep in the flesh of our government it should SCARE you. And you should no longer wonder WHY after all of these years since the housing bubble popped in 2008 that there haven’t been more federal cases brought against the Banking apparatus. They’ve infected our legislature and effectively control the organs of oversight, operating a revolving door between government and the Banking establishment. Like a parasite. Like an emerald cockroach wasp.

“Many Wall Street institutions have exerted extraordinary influence in Washington’s corridors of power, but Citigroup has risen above the others,” she said. “Its grip over economic policymaking in the executive branch is unprecedented.”

We need to kill this kind of behavior, which unfortunately is all too familiar – NOT just in banking, but in telecom oversight, defense appropriations, and intelligence committees.

As a sworn member of Congress you work for the people or you don’t work.

I want every member of Congress with a history of employment at Citigroup on front street. I want every American to know the names and the faces of these people – and not just in banking and finance. The legislature of the United States of America is not to be used to set you up for retirement. You have a SACRED OBLIGATION to FAITHFULLY represent the will of the American people NOT the will of a small corporate elite.

I want to know who they are. What states they’re from. What districts they represent. I want to know what they eat for breakfast. I want to know their shoe sizes.

If you weren’t insulted enough the Franks Dodd resolution has as it’s namesake former Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd, if you didn’t know, pushed for SOPA at the behest of the MPAA then after his senate tenure turned around and joined the MPAA as lead counsel. That’s not how you pass copyright protection reform.

Why German Solar Is So Much Cheaper Than U.S. Solar

While the Energiewende, (Energy Transition) is gaining momentum in Germany as the country hits the 33 Gigawatt Photovoltaic mark and subsidies for Solar Installations are now being reduced to let the Bird fly by its own, the worlds largest energy consumer the USA is still lagging in capacity build up. In an excellent analysis Zachary Shahan at details why exactly despite mainly better weather conditions Solar energy is still double the price than in Germany. Move along here