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CHP Laser Dazzlerâ„¢

LE Technologies, LLC. is now offering for sale the Compact High Power (CHP) Laser Dazzlerâ„¢ (Patent Pending)

The CHP Laser Dazzlerâ„¢ is specifically designed for applications where subject vision impairment must be achieved at distance, in very bright ambient conditions including clear sunny daylight. It is the most compact laser device available that is suitable for this purpose.

I want one!

If I can’t have one I’ll build one (patent here!) Or a Gauss pistol!

It is a rite of passage, in Star Wars lore, for a Jedi to construct his or her own lightsaber.

Boeing Successfully Fires 25 kW Solid-State Laser Weapons

Only 25 kW?

Boeing has just tested its new thin-disk laser, the most powerful solid-state laser ever made. It fires at over 25 kilowatts, with the scalability proven to go up to a 100 kilowatt laser in the coming years.



Okay .. these lasers are HELLA expensive but they produce power wavelengths … Look at what this dude did with a red laser diode …


If you could provide those blue joints with enough amps they would drill holes in glass and steel at a distance .. i think.

Heh .. maybe paper 😉

Speaking of DIY DE weapons … check this out.

Air Force Study of DE on Human Flesh

Edging closer and closer to blasters, laser rifles, and phasers. Danger Room covers the story …

What happens when a high-power laser weapon strikes human flesh? This is the topic addressed in a paper for the Air Force office of Scientific Research with the title, “Laser Induced Shock Waves and Vaporization in Biological Systems.” It’s all about computer modeling the effects of laser pulses …



Danger Room carries the full story. MEDUSA is a weapons system designed by the Optima Technology Group. It’s not HEL technology, however, it’s microwaves.

Think V-MADS on crack.

Note: There’s another great story on FP at DR detailing another MEDUSA framework that hyperamplifies sound using sonolaser or saser technology. I remember being in the computer lab in high school and sitting in while an advanced physics class demonstrated the feasibility of this principle. I’ll update this post in a bit with more links and info. In the meantime run over to DR and check their post.

Great work, Ms. Weinberger!

Israeli Laser System Rezd

Props Noah.

The government is considering resuming funding for the advanced laser-based Skyguard missile protection system, security officials told Haaretz. They added that if the system is approved, it can be operational within 18 months.

The project was dropped about a year and a half ago, despite several successful tests and in spite of repeated rocket attacks from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, but Public Security Minister Avi Dichter has been enlisted to spearhead the effort to resurrect Skyguard by a strong lobby group, including former defense ministry officials, that has developed.