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I have not written to this blog in a long time. Facebook has been making microblogging much more appealing. I just paste in a link and voila.

I want to reenergize theflowingofthedao with more original works incorporating different media, guest bloggers, interviews, etc.

A lot has been happening. I’ve met many great people recently and have been on numerous adventures the least of which could be summarized as simply amazing. From DIYBio with Mac, Kat, and Jason, to opening for the Wu Tang Clan w/ Axe and Slim, to building with one of the premiere microbiologists at MIT studying the biofuel-producing rhodacoccus bacteria, to rolling with Toussaint to the Blue Note Club in NYC for a memorable VIP performance, brilliant reasoning over green tea with the immortal Lady Lee, to equally insightful conversations with my fellow members of the Boston Transhumanist Society, to rocking the stage with Amadeus for the release of his new record “House of Broken Mirrors,” to swilling beer with Media Lab heads at Cannytrophic, and chopping the shit with my fellow atheists and anarchists in DF; all the while attempting to bridge gaps, do good deeds, and help to make the multiverse better … which, by law, requires you to stay connected to #hplusroadmap on freenode (big-up Bryan Bishop,) and maybe show up a few dozen times to counsel with the brother Ben Carruth on Stickam. Talk programming and semantic analysis with Exflux, and complex systems architecture, k-core decomp, and dummy bums with metarecon … toss in a few beautiful women, and serve with spinach maki, maybe a salad with tofu cubes, rice and beans .. your favorite vegan entrĂ©e and a good Guinness.

I love the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been, and would love to continue to love.

Life is still a struggle for my immediate group of corevolutionaries but we’re just too powerful now. We can’t be stopped, won’t be stopped .. and all will feel the force with which we deliver this planet from Hell.

You’re part of it.